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The 10 Golden Rules of Classic Dressing for Men


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The 10 Golden Rules of Classic Dressing for Men
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After the decline of the formal business suit in the 1990s when Levi's promoted their khaki Docker trousers, we now see a trend of dressing up again. This trend is led by E-Bay, which introduced a dress-up Friday. A formal suit not only marks a special occasion, but there is also that feel-good factor as well when you know that you are dressed in style. 

There are some excellent books which give detailed guidance on formal dressing, such as 'Gentleman - A Timeless Fashion' or 'A Well-Dressed Gentleman's Pocket Guide'. For those who want it in a nutshell here is the essential list of the 10 Golden Rules of Classic Dressing for Men:

Classic Dressing: The 10 Golden Rules for Men:

1. Do wear black leather shoes. Brown shoes are fine for warm weather or in the country. Do not wear brown shoes to formal invitations after 6 pm (no browns after six). Avoid gray/grey shoes, sandals or gym shoes.

2. The more formal the occasion the darker the socks. Socks should be a touch darker than the trousers. Reserve white socks for sports.

3. Do not show exposed calves. Socks should cover your legs, as showing hairy legs is not sexy.

4. Wear either a belt or suspenders (braces) - nobody in the world needs both!

5. Avoid tie and handkerchief in the same colour - it just looks boring.

6. Do not wear a shirt with short sleeves together with a tie. Keep it either formal or informal.

7. Avoid jacket sleeves that are too long. Ideally, at least half an inch (1 cm) of the shirt cuffs should show.

8. Do not wear a loosened tie with an undone collar - unless you really want to be informal.

9. Avoid wearing clips with your tie with formal dress - some people think clips should not be worn at all.

10. Do wear an undershirt (vest) underneath your shirt, otherwise leave your jacket on.

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